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Tuesday, November 24 – No Confirmation Class
                                        6:30 pm Bible Class

Wednesday, November 25 – No School
                                            6:30 pm Worship with Holy Communion
Thursday, November 26HAPPY THANKSGIVING
                                             No School
Friday, November 27 – No School

Saturday, November 28 – 4:30 pm Worship with Holy Communion
Sunday, November 29 – 9 am Worship with Holy Communion
                                      10 am Bible Study

Monday, November 30
– ECC Weekly Bible Lesson: The Birth of John

Tuesday, December 1 – 4 pm Confirmation Class
                                      6:30 pm Bible Class

Wednesday, December 2 – School Choice Count Audit
Thursday, December 3– 4 pm Faculty Meeting
                                      6:30 pm Ladies Aid
Friday, December 4

Saturday, December 5 – 4:30 pm Worship
Sunday, December 6 – 9 am Worship
                                         *Includes recorded ECC – 5K Christmas Program
                                    10 am Bible Study

Cards for Sale
Ladies Aid has Christmas and all occasion cards available for sale.  They have both boxed set and single cards available.  They are located in the church basement.
For those working on standards, it is time to get serious.  I need to have them completed before Christmas.  That way they can be looked over and put in the proper format to be handed in by February.
Church Council - If there is anything that Pastor needs to fill out, have him do it before he leaves.
If anyone wants to meet in small groups to work on standards, let me know.  I will be more than willing to meet with you to assist as best I can.

Christmas Neighbors Assistance - Starting Monday, November 2nd please call Christmas Neighbors at 920-674-4499 between 9 am - 4 pm if you wish to be assisted by the Christmas Neighbors program or to adopt a family please contact them. When you call please DO NOT leave a message, other than a phone number. 
If you would like to be assisted you will need to call and speak to a volunteer in order to get your family enrolled.  You may choose between the Toy Program or the Adopt-a-Family Program.  The Toy Program will look a bit different this year due to COVID.  Grift cards, rather than toys, will be provided for children who are High School Seniors and younger and you will be asked to select on of 6 card choices for each child when you register for the program.  You will sign up for a time to come to the Jefferson County Fairground Activity Center on Wednesday, December 16.  The Adopt-a Family Program matches your family to an “adopting” business, person or group.  Application for the program ends December 7th.
School Friends will again be participating in the Adopt-a-Family program. We hope to adopt 2-3 families.  We will be purchasing gifts and food to provide a blessed Christmas for these families.  If you would like to make a donation towards helping those families, please contact Kelly Vogel at 920-650-2202 or Amanda Beauchamp. More information will be given in upcoming newsletters, bulletins and the December Guide.