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School Friends

Each month the School Friends committee holds a meeting. 
All parents and staff are welcome and encouraged to attend.
The gym is open for children to play in, with older students there to supervise.

Upcoming Events

The Christmas Parade will be Friday, Dec. 6th.    The theme is “A Mixed Bag of Christmas”.
School will again be having a float entered in the parade. All school children are welcome to be a part of the float. 
Please remember to turn in you donation slip if you are able donate cookies or bars to be served at the Fireman’s Hall after the parade.  Free hot cocoa, pictures with Santa, face painting and kids games will also be available at the hall after the parade.   If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Vogel.

Christmas Caroling is set for Tues., Dec.17th after school.  We will leave school at 3:50 pm. We will carol to various members of St. Peter’s. A pizza supper will be provided after caroling. A permission slip will be on the next newsletter. Parents don’t have to be present, but we do need drivers.

Christmas Neighbors is set for Thurs. Dec. 19th at

This year we have adopted 2 families.
Family # 1: Boy - 11 mon. & Girls 11 & 12, Adult – 1
Family #2: Boy – 3 & Girl 4, Adults – 3
We will be purchasing gifts to provide a blessed Christmas for these families.  If you would like to make a donation towards helping those families, please contact Kelly Vogel at 920-650-2202 or Amanda Beauchamp.

On Thursday, December 19th at 6 pm we will have our annual night of wrapping presents, packing the food boxes and making the special blankets for these family.  Everyone is welcome.  We will have a potluck dinner.

Wildlife in Need
Grades 3 – 5 are working on service projects for the
DNR and St. Peter’s School.  The children are making nests for Wildlife in Need to help them care displaced baby birds and rabbits this spring.  They are also asking for the congregation’s help in our project for the school.  Grades 3 – 5 are collecting donations from the Wildlife in Need wish list during the months of December and January to bring an education program to our school.  Our goal is $255.00 of donated items.  Donations can be brought to church or school.  Contact Mrs. Acker with any questions.  Some of the items needed are:
Bungee Cords               Laundry Detergent (liquid only)
Postage Stamps           Paper Towels
Puppy Chow                  High Protein Cat/Kitten Food
Crickets                       Outdoor Extension Cords
Gram Scales                Baby Fruit & Veggies
Flavored Pedialyte       Artificial Plants and Trees
Simply Green               Poop Off (bird poop removing spray)
Nut Meats & Whole Nuts (unsalted)

School Friends Committee
Amanda Beauchamp - President
Kris Anton- Vice President
Melissa Thoma - Treasurer
 - Secretary

If you have any question regarding School Friends, you may contact any of the committee members or the school office at 262-582-3010 ext. 200